Thursday, May 2, 2013


After our Corregidor adventure everyone was so tired. 
My aunt suggested to go eat at WOK INN,
her comfort food place which was just nearby...

this is called "sipa"  it's obviously  from the filipino toy sipa.
(fried dumplings which has minced pork inside)
 Sipa kinda tasted for me like skinless longganisa but gooier.
it was sweet & very crispy.

Next is the bird's nest soup
I love this :)
did you know that it was served in China for over 400 years ago, the primary ingredient are saliva nests built by cave swifts. Among one of the most expensive animal products consumed by humans it is believed to aid digestion, raise libido, and even alleviate asthma as it is dissolved in water to create a gelatinous soup.

mixed vegetables with tofu

plain rice served in tiny bowls

check this out :) came from 711 store beside wok inn, 
I remember the chocolate cookie snacks I used to buy when I was still in elementary.
my daughter likes this.

 The Pancit was tasty.
Loaded with lots of seafood, vegetables and few pieces of liver.

I did not get try this one &
I also forgot the name :) sorry.
I think it was garlic chicken or something :)

Their most famous dish is the Stuffed Squid.
This is the the best tasting dish there.
The squid was cooked perfectly, not gummy.
It was kinda crispy and had sweet hoisin sauce.
a must try!

For diners who don't seek something fancy but want delicious and inexpensive food, Wok Inn is the place for you!