Saturday, May 25, 2013

New Chinatown's Best Food (the buffet specialist) @ banaue

I haven't really heard about this restaurant until we were invited here for a family occasion.

 first up is the Bird's nest soup.
This soup is packed with flavor!
 My initial thoughts when I first had a sip of this soup was:

Miki Bihon, this was good too

I love everything about this platter! everything was yummy specially the jellyfish!

This calamari is truly delicious!
it was crunchy, the batter itself was flavorful & it was cooked perfectly.

the chicken wasn't good ... sorry

the sweet and sour pork was also just so-so for me. it was served really soggy.

fish fillet on the other hand was tender and tasty.

Pata tim was really tender, I was a bit disappointed with this cause I was expecting 
more flavor from this dish. it was just so-so.

To make up for their so-so food is the Yang Chow.
you can never get enough of this. Delicious! It is the barbecued pork that gives it its special sweet-like flavor. I will be coming back here because of this rice :)

Sweetened mongo beans are deliciously wrapped in glutinous rice flour and deep fried. Good for a snack.
not enough filling but it tasted great!

I heard good reviews about their Buko Pandan, I will definitely go back & try it soon.

589 Banawe Street,
Corner Don Manuel Street,
Quezon City, 1100 Philippines
Telephone Numbers
+63(2) 7124249
+63(2) 7111444