Saturday, July 6, 2013

Cake2Go Part 2

As per my previous blog entry about Cake2go, I said I will be coming back for more of 
their delicious cakes, here it is:

I added pictures of the store since I wasn't able to add them before.

The place is cute and small but they do have a good variety of scrumptious cakes.

Ferrero Cake yum!  Too bad the Mango Meringue Symphony wasn't available that time

Devil's Food Cheesecake
The store says that this is a must try, so I did...
I liked the presentation of this cake. 
The cake tasted more like a chunk of chocolate mousse,
it was crumbly, not too sweet, to be honest I didn't really taste the cheesecake part of it.
The cheesecake was mild, you'd think your just eating chocolate mousse cake.
Maybe I was just expecting the cheesecake to be rich, fair enough the mousse was good.

I  love salted caramel! 
Drinksice cream, you name it!
I was so anxious to try this cake.

When you first bite into this cake, you'll  immediately taste the coffee flavor.
This one tasted a lot like the mocha chiffon cake of Goldilocks.
The salted caramel frosting was mild, you'll not really taste it right away unless your looking for that salted caramel flavor.The flavors isn't as strong as I expected. Sad to say this cake was a letdown.

lastly is Mom's Chocoholic fudge Cake

Now among the three cakes, this is the cake I loved the most,
second to their Red velvet cake which makes my mouth water as I write this review.

Two layers of rich chocolate sponge cake, tasty custard cream filling, all topped off with smooth chocolate fudge
This cake was good, it was moist, very chocolatey and not sweet.
The custard cream filling was just perfect. It wasn't sweet and wasn't over powering. 

The good thing about Cake2Go is that the sweetness of their cakes is just right!
Their cakes are moist and crumbly and they offer lots of different flavors for you to choose from.
It's ultimately up to you to choose which cake would be your favorite.

207 Katipunan Ave
Milagrosa, Quezon City
(02) 438-1513