Tuesday, May 21, 2013

merry moo's sea salt caramel

Merry Moo has opened their first store in Moa

here are some of the flavors available when I dropped by :)
you can also ask for a sample so you can pick the yummiest flavor for you!

 I tried horlicks, earl grey tea and milo.  
The horlicks was kinda mild for me...

Classic flavors: Php 70/scoop, Php 270/pint
Sea Salt Caramel – light sea salt and slow-cooked caramel, the contrast is surprisingly good
Earl Grey Tea – a very special blend of Chinese tea leaves with citrus bergamot
Coffee Kahlua – Double roundhouse kick of Philippine Arabica coffee and coffee liquor 
Candied Bacon –yes. bacon ice cream.

Was not able to sample their premium flavors yet..

 I still got my favorite SEA SALT CARAMEL after trying out some of their flavors.
This one taste kinda like almond roca for me without the almonds :)

Thick and creamy!

Once you taste a spoonful of this, you'll smile!
just superb! you can taste the difference among other salted caramel ice cream .
This is just perfect. not too sweet either!

SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City M.M.
2nd Floor, across Topshop
Open daily 10am-10pm