Saturday, May 25, 2013

lunch @ Rowena's cafe tagaytay

We didn't know where to have lunch and it was already around 2 pm. 
Hubby asked me if we would still buy "pasalubong" treats at Rowena's, I answered quickly yes!
let's also have lunch there :)

This is located at the back of the store where it's usually jammed packed with 
people who line up to buy pasalubong


While waiting for the orders my kids noticed that there was a pool

my kid's amusing themselves while waiting for the food

there's also a chapel 

 after more than 10 minutes of waiting
the soup has finally arrived!
clam chowder, lot's of clams & bite size vegetables  that were crunchy! 
good :)

got goat's milk.
this milk had a strong taste of vanilla, it also had a strong taste that it came from a goat. 
my kids just took a sip and didn't want it. I honestly tried to like it too, but it really doesn't taste good.

Seafood Pasta
this pasta had lots of chunky tomatoes, it also had lots of mussels few clams and 2 huge pieces of shrimps

Tapsilog for my daughter
garlic rice was good. I tasted the tapa but it didn't really taste like beef to me.
It kind of had a pork taste to it than beef.

hubby got Beef Broccoli
I liked it, vegetables were cooked just right and beef was really tender.

Also got crinkles as requested by my cousin Kolinne.
The crinkles were moist and chewy.

egg tart my favorite :)

Buko pie.

 crinkles were good, though becky's kitchen's crinkles top my list.

I usually buy their buko tart but I was surprised that this was better.
 it wasn't too sweet and had loads of buko meat in it!

rowena's egg tarts are the bomb!
very creamy with soft crust that's to die for.
 This one is way better than other stores who specializes in making egg tarts! 
seriously addicting :)

Rowena's Cafe is located at #152 Brgy Francisco, Tagaytay 
Tel: (+46) 860 2481