Saturday, May 25, 2013

New Chinatown's Best Food (the buffet specialist) @ banaue

I haven't really heard about this restaurant until we were invited here for a family occasion.

 first up is the Bird's nest soup.
This soup is packed with flavor!
 My initial thoughts when I first had a sip of this soup was:

Miki Bihon, this was good too

I love everything about this platter! everything was yummy specially the jellyfish!

This calamari is truly delicious!
it was crunchy, the batter itself was flavorful & it was cooked perfectly.

the chicken wasn't good ... sorry

the sweet and sour pork was also just so-so for me. it was served really soggy.

fish fillet on the other hand was tender and tasty.

Pata tim was really tender, I was a bit disappointed with this cause I was expecting 
more flavor from this dish. it was just so-so.

To make up for their so-so food is the Yang Chow.
you can never get enough of this. Delicious! It is the barbecued pork that gives it its special sweet-like flavor. I will be coming back here because of this rice :)

Sweetened mongo beans are deliciously wrapped in glutinous rice flour and deep fried. Good for a snack.
not enough filling but it tasted great!

I heard good reviews about their Buko Pandan, I will definitely go back & try it soon.

589 Banawe Street,
Corner Don Manuel Street,
Quezon City, 1100 Philippines
Telephone Numbers
+63(2) 7124249
+63(2) 7111444

lunch @ Rowena's cafe tagaytay

We didn't know where to have lunch and it was already around 2 pm. 
Hubby asked me if we would still buy "pasalubong" treats at Rowena's, I answered quickly yes!
let's also have lunch there :)

This is located at the back of the store where it's usually jammed packed with 
people who line up to buy pasalubong


While waiting for the orders my kids noticed that there was a pool

my kid's amusing themselves while waiting for the food

there's also a chapel 

 after more than 10 minutes of waiting
the soup has finally arrived!
clam chowder, lot's of clams & bite size vegetables  that were crunchy! 
good :)

got goat's milk.
this milk had a strong taste of vanilla, it also had a strong taste that it came from a goat. 
my kids just took a sip and didn't want it. I honestly tried to like it too, but it really doesn't taste good.

Seafood Pasta
this pasta had lots of chunky tomatoes, it also had lots of mussels few clams and 2 huge pieces of shrimps

Tapsilog for my daughter
garlic rice was good. I tasted the tapa but it didn't really taste like beef to me.
It kind of had a pork taste to it than beef.

hubby got Beef Broccoli
I liked it, vegetables were cooked just right and beef was really tender.

Also got crinkles as requested by my cousin Kolinne.
The crinkles were moist and chewy.

egg tart my favorite :)

Buko pie.

 crinkles were good, though becky's kitchen's crinkles top my list.

I usually buy their buko tart but I was surprised that this was better.
 it wasn't too sweet and had loads of buko meat in it!

rowena's egg tarts are the bomb!
very creamy with soft crust that's to die for.
 This one is way better than other stores who specializes in making egg tarts! 
seriously addicting :)

Rowena's Cafe is located at #152 Brgy Francisco, Tagaytay 
Tel: (+46) 860 2481

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Kamameshi House

Ever since I was a little girl, we usually dine at Kamameshi house for Japanese cuisine.
(Makati branch)

this is the usual appetizer given while waiting for your orders.
before it was dilis (anchovies) and beansprouts, now it's just beansprouts.
My cousin Miko joked about them scrimping on appetizer :)

My daughter loves soup, she got Miso soup
It's loaded with lots of tofu, very flavouful!

We got three boats of California Maki
which taste perfect as usual.

The best place for Tori rice!
this is the reason our family goes out of the way just to dine here.
I ordered 4 of these.

I love their yakitori!

They are one of the few restaurants in Manila  that serve the best Ebi tempura!
It is just so perfect! you really will taste the difference among other Japanese restaurants that serve Ebi tempura
I got three baskets, one was just for my husband alone lol.

Uzura tamago (quail eggs) is good here too

My favorite Motsu
skewered chicken liver (yakitori chicken liver)
they cook it perfectly!


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

merry moo's sea salt caramel

Merry Moo has opened their first store in Moa

here are some of the flavors available when I dropped by :)
you can also ask for a sample so you can pick the yummiest flavor for you!

 I tried horlicks, earl grey tea and milo.  
The horlicks was kinda mild for me...

Classic flavors: Php 70/scoop, Php 270/pint
Sea Salt Caramel – light sea salt and slow-cooked caramel, the contrast is surprisingly good
Earl Grey Tea – a very special blend of Chinese tea leaves with citrus bergamot
Coffee Kahlua – Double roundhouse kick of Philippine Arabica coffee and coffee liquor 
Candied Bacon –yes. bacon ice cream.

Was not able to sample their premium flavors yet..

 I still got my favorite SEA SALT CARAMEL after trying out some of their flavors.
This one taste kinda like almond roca for me without the almonds :)

Thick and creamy!

Once you taste a spoonful of this, you'll smile!
just superb! you can taste the difference among other salted caramel ice cream .
This is just perfect. not too sweet either!

SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City M.M.
2nd Floor, across Topshop
Open daily 10am-10pm

Monday, May 20, 2013

Purple Oven Makati

My brother Martin previously worked at Starbucks and told me this is the place they ordered cakes from...
I wanted a special cake for my daughter's 3rd birthday and I read about the 
"Chocolate Campfire" cake they had, so I decided to drop by the Makati branch.

I went here around 3 pm and this is what was there...

Check it out :)

 I also ordered these! 
ham and cheese rolls were good & so was the ensaymada.
Didn't get the chance to take a photo of it cause it disappeared like magic just after a few mins paying for them ;)

My tita Vanj's favorite Chocolate Macadamia cookie

Apple crumb pie! yum!

 banoffee pie & Dome cake

 the famous purple carousel cake 

Since I went there a little bit late, I wasn't able to purchase the chocolate campfire coz it sold out quickly.. boo!
I went and bought my hubby's favorite

the dome cake

It has a thick *chocolate coating,
*marshmallow icing,
*& chocolate mousse with lots of chocolate chips
a bit sweet but my daughter loves it!

Happy Birthday Pharell :)