Saturday, June 29, 2013

Nesquick vs Hershey's chocolate syrup

Nesquik and Hershey's Syrup are commonly used to make chocolate milk.
I grew up basically drinking both.
I love both a lot, that's why I decided to blog about it.(wink)

Hershey's syrup is very easy to mix in with milk cause it is in a syrup form.
It also comes in a squeeze type bottle.
Since It is liquid, once you pour it in, you'll definitely smell how chocolatey it is.
The very best thing about Hershey's syrup is being able to use it in many ways. You can put it on top of crepes, ice creams, whip creams, pancakes, pastries and a lot more..

See how dark and thick the chocolate syrup is! smells like chocolate kisses too.

Nesquik chocolate milk powder comes in an eye catching bright yellow container.
The powder is fine, yet it is not as easy to mix into milk as Hershey's syrup.
It smells chocolatey too but a bit milder than Hershey's scent.

The problem with the powders is that you can still taste the individual grains that didn't mix in,
although I do love eating those small chocolate clumps at the bottom of the glass.

Before when hubby was still my boyfriend, I used to make him chocolate pastillas using this. It has a darker chocolate flavor than other chocolate milk powder which is perfect! He loved it so much that he ate it for 2 months straight every after meal, and still requested it often after that.

The milk tends to get much darker with the syrup as opposed to powders,
It really does taste chocolatier too.
I prefer Hershey's chocolate syrup.

Really, with any of these, you can't go wrong.