Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sweet Treats!

On my previous blog about Nutella VS Trader Joe's cocoa almond spread, I said that my dad usually sends me sweet treats so here's more:

Halloween KitKat 

It says on the label "Orange-Colored Halloween treats", I thought it was some kind of pumpkin 
flavored kitkat 
since "flavored kitkat" are popular these days.

As I took a bite, I noticed how crunchy and tasty the wafers are. The pumpkin colored coating is just plain white chocolate which is not that sweet, the flavor tasted like vanilla frosting for cupcakes.
Best for those who love white chocolate or vanilla frosting, It is really scrumptious!

For years, 
everytime my parents sends me goodies, they never fail sending Kellogg's The Original rice krispies treats.
It's like SPAM, if there's a balik-bayan box it has to be there.
 It has been a part of my childhood memory.
The blue and white wrapper makes it eye-catching.
I mean who doesn't love these gorgeous snacks right?
It's a deliciously sweet favorite treat for all seasons.

They are soft, gooey and totally crunchy.The texture makes it addicting, seriously.
The taste of the marshmallow cream and rice krispies combined is pure delight!
If you're tired of the usual chocolate bars, chocolate chip cookies.. this would be a great alternative to that.
These are best snacks for kids and people on the go.
It will give you tons of energy plus it taste great too :)

Some sweet treats I found at the grocery...

Big Scoop's Avocado Ice cream

When I was pregnant with my youngest daughter Pharell, I craved for avocado milkshake so much that
I go to the mall almost everyday just to buy it from a popular coffee shop and go home right away. It's like I was just there for no more than 5 mins. Kind of a biggie for me cause it's hard to move around when your "prego" and dress up and put make up on. Well lot's of thanks to my uncle Dong who drives me there everytime and waits for me :)

I saw that this is the brand they were using to make the avocado milkshake.
It says on the label they use avocado puree. This brand has a very strong avocado flavor which is good.
 It has a very mild bitter taste to it, like the flesh of the avocado near the seed. I'm comparing this to Arce's avocado Ice cream which I also love, though Arce's has a milder avocado flavor. This is more dense, creamy and packed with flavor. That's why I think the popoular coffee shop adds milk to it, to make it into avocado milkshake and it wouldn't compromise the avocado taste.
It is really good! ice cream or milkshake
this would be the Best option for avocado!

When I was young I didn't really like durian. It smelled terrible! My aunt said that the durian fruit is for rich people because it is expensive and people who get to eat and appreciate it have better taste than others.
Well of course her reverse psychology worked on me! LOL.
For people who eat durian, it smells good. The smell makes you crave for durian right away.
That's exactly what this ice cream does!
 ECJ Farms Gourmet Durian Dessert
I bought the supreme version. (they have it in supreme and unsweetened)

Once you open the lid it infuses the room with durian scent.
Since I had this ice cream more like a year ago, I noticed that it is creamier this time.
 It is dense and has a very rich durian flavor unlike my other favorites FIC, Arce (which taste like durian pastillas)& magnolia's version.(pulpy stronger taste than arce and fic)

It's almost like your eating the real fruit which is good cause we love durian.
See how creamy it is?
 I'm drooling over this one as I'm blogging.
This is the perfect durian ice cream for me. I personally recommend it for people who actually like the fruit and not just the candy. This one will satisfy your cravings! I promise!