Friday, April 26, 2013

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery @ Glorietta

While I was  walking in Glorietta this cute cupcake store caught my eye.

the kids decided to check it out.

Coffee walnut salted caramel
this cupcake was not that moist but it had generous pieces of walnuts inside. It also had a mild coffee flavor to it.

My husband & my daughter seems to be enjoying the Shabby Chic place.

On our table is their red velvet cupcake (the one that has the red "v" on top), coffee salted walnut caramel and banana nutella.
The red velvet was good, it was dense and had a subtle cream cheese flavor to it. The banana nutella was better, it was a very moist banana cake with a generous amount of nutella frosting to it.
among the three the banana nutella was the best. 
I'll definitely check out the other cupcakes they offer soon :)

Made in Candy @ Rockwell Powerplant

We went to Rockwell cause my dad wanted me to ship him some special Pastillas which you could buy there. Unfortunately they don't have the stall there anymore. 
My cousin said that there is a special candy store in where you could see how candies were made and wanted to check it out. 

 The name says it all.
 You'll easily see this cause lots of people are watching how the cute colorful candies are being made :)

My daughter and my cousin drooling over the candies :)

 see how colorful they are, very flavorful too.
bought 2 bags of it

 See the wonderful designs of the candies? These are handmade hard candies, each design has it's unique flavor. Imagine there are over 40 designs and flavors available!  they can also customize one for you.
addicting and has a certain crunch to it. I love the one with the watermelon design :)
will definitely go back to buy some!

Nestle's French Salted Caramel Ice cream

Since it's Summertime, you usually hear or see the word " ANG INIT!!" which means it's scorching hot.
At night even if the air conditioner's turned on, it still is warm... you kinda feel like your dehydrated from the whole afternoon...  My hubby wanted something to help him cool.. 
I though he was just gonna get an ice cold glass of soda when he went outside our room. I was wondering why it took him 15 mins to return.
 Then with a plastic bag in his hand, he handed  me this:

I was excited cause I have read somewhere that it was really good. 
 After having my first spoonful of this ice cream I was disappointed, I think I was looking for the "Merry Moo"  sea salt caramel flavor. My hubby said it taste like Mr.Yema candy. It was too sweet & had an "umay" factor.I think this is the first pint of ice cream  that lasted 2 days in the fridge (LOL). ice cream doesn't last long in our house, not a day if it's just in a pint size.

Maybe if I had not tasted Merry Moo I would have love this.
For People who likes really sweet  ice cream,  this one's for you ;)  

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Burgoo @ mall of asia

My hubby and I were strolling at MOA , when he decided that he was again hungry.  Luckily we were in front of Burgoo cause he wanted to eat ribs. We were actually torn between Racks and Burgoo but since we 
were in front of Burgoo might as well right?!

A kid-friendly place!
paper and crayons given to lessen boredom while waiting for the food

busy bees..

 I love it that there were just a few diners.

 my hubby drew this picture of our daughter

Now for the food:
Shrimps and Ribs Platter
Mouth-watering combination of barbecued baby back ribs ans Cajun spiced fried prawns. Served with US fries and grilled corn on the cob.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

DAD'S ultimate buffet

This would be my first food blog, bare with me guys (wink).

We celebrated my cousin's birthday and decided to have dinner at DAD'S buffet restaurant in Malate. We frequent the one in Glorietta, although on that day everyone was near  Manila. I searched online for their number and made reservations, I was asked by my aunt to reserve at least 25 people. The guy who I spoke to asked if someone in our group was celebrating a birthday and advised me to let the celebrant bring an I.D cause that person will be free, also in every 10 people paying from your group you get an additional 1 person free (10+1) Yes!  

Dad's offers three great buffets in one : DADS continental fare, Saisaki Japanese specialties, and Kamayan’s authentic Filipino cuisine. It showcases the best that are being served in all the three restaurants. Now there are more than 200 buffet choices. New DADS, Kamayan, Saisaki specialties plus new kebabs, grilled sizzlers, sushi, temaki, salads, desserts and more ! The most number of choices, the best quality food at the most reasonable price.

My daughter Pharell always feels she's in a magical wonderland everytime she see's the dessert buffet

This is the first food I usually get at Dad's, their Saisaki Steak! 
you usually have to request for this to be made, it takes about 3-5 mins for this to arrive at your table.

This is my hubby's favorite at Dad's
Ebi Tempura and Ginataang kuhol. (gata is really good!)

create your own dessert.
They had few cakes and few fresh fruits available at their Malate branch.

Pharell trying on the tempura hat wore by the waiter :)

My verdict: 
I give 4 stars for Dad's because of their good customer service and of course the Saisaki steak, which I love. You get what you paid for (sulit ) The one in Glorietta has more food choices available than the one in Malate and West Ave Quezon City IMHO. Most Dad's ultimate buffet restaurants have very attentive & friendly staff which will make you feel warm, welcome and comfortable :)

sched for all branches is:
LUNCH (Mon – Thurs) P 595
LUNCH (Fri – Sun) P 695
DINNER (Mon – Sun) P 695
HOLIDAYS (Lunch&Dinner) P695

For kids below 4 ft. P 290