Wednesday, April 24, 2013

DAD'S ultimate buffet

This would be my first food blog, bare with me guys (wink).

We celebrated my cousin's birthday and decided to have dinner at DAD'S buffet restaurant in Malate. We frequent the one in Glorietta, although on that day everyone was near  Manila. I searched online for their number and made reservations, I was asked by my aunt to reserve at least 25 people. The guy who I spoke to asked if someone in our group was celebrating a birthday and advised me to let the celebrant bring an I.D cause that person will be free, also in every 10 people paying from your group you get an additional 1 person free (10+1) Yes!  

Dad's offers three great buffets in one : DADS continental fare, Saisaki Japanese specialties, and Kamayan’s authentic Filipino cuisine. It showcases the best that are being served in all the three restaurants. Now there are more than 200 buffet choices. New DADS, Kamayan, Saisaki specialties plus new kebabs, grilled sizzlers, sushi, temaki, salads, desserts and more ! The most number of choices, the best quality food at the most reasonable price.

My daughter Pharell always feels she's in a magical wonderland everytime she see's the dessert buffet

This is the first food I usually get at Dad's, their Saisaki Steak! 
you usually have to request for this to be made, it takes about 3-5 mins for this to arrive at your table.

This is my hubby's favorite at Dad's
Ebi Tempura and Ginataang kuhol. (gata is really good!)

create your own dessert.
They had few cakes and few fresh fruits available at their Malate branch.

Pharell trying on the tempura hat wore by the waiter :)

My verdict: 
I give 4 stars for Dad's because of their good customer service and of course the Saisaki steak, which I love. You get what you paid for (sulit ) The one in Glorietta has more food choices available than the one in Malate and West Ave Quezon City IMHO. Most Dad's ultimate buffet restaurants have very attentive & friendly staff which will make you feel warm, welcome and comfortable :)

sched for all branches is:
LUNCH (Mon – Thurs) P 595
LUNCH (Fri – Sun) P 695
DINNER (Mon – Sun) P 695
HOLIDAYS (Lunch&Dinner) P695

For kids below 4 ft. P 290