Thursday, April 25, 2013

Burgoo @ mall of asia

My hubby and I were strolling at MOA , when he decided that he was again hungry.  Luckily we were in front of Burgoo cause he wanted to eat ribs. We were actually torn between Racks and Burgoo but since we 
were in front of Burgoo might as well right?!

A kid-friendly place!
paper and crayons given to lessen boredom while waiting for the food

busy bees..

 I love it that there were just a few diners.

 my hubby drew this picture of our daughter

Now for the food:
Shrimps and Ribs Platter
Mouth-watering combination of barbecued baby back ribs ans Cajun spiced fried prawns. Served with US fries and grilled corn on the cob.

 Linguini with Clams
Sauteed fresh clams in olive oil and garlic. Tossed in a special clam broth with linguini pasta and cubed red bell pepper.
( P495.00)
Char-broiled patties with a mixture of choice cut chicken, beef and pork. Blended overnight with herbs and select seasoning. Served with caramelized onions, Monterey Jack cheese and tomatoes in a warm sesame bun. (P395.00) 

My Verdict:
I give it 3 stars, not that really impressed with the food.
Hubby and I thought that the Ribs was the only good thing we ordered. It was cooked well that you would not need a knife to cut the meat. Other food was just so-so.