Friday, April 26, 2013

Made in Candy @ Rockwell Powerplant

We went to Rockwell cause my dad wanted me to ship him some special Pastillas which you could buy there. Unfortunately they don't have the stall there anymore. 
My cousin said that there is a special candy store in where you could see how candies were made and wanted to check it out. 

 The name says it all.
 You'll easily see this cause lots of people are watching how the cute colorful candies are being made :)

My daughter and my cousin drooling over the candies :)

 see how colorful they are, very flavorful too.
bought 2 bags of it

 See the wonderful designs of the candies? These are handmade hard candies, each design has it's unique flavor. Imagine there are over 40 designs and flavors available!  they can also customize one for you.
addicting and has a certain crunch to it. I love the one with the watermelon design :)
will definitely go back to buy some!