Friday, April 26, 2013

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery @ Glorietta

While I was  walking in Glorietta this cute cupcake store caught my eye.

the kids decided to check it out.

Coffee walnut salted caramel
this cupcake was not that moist but it had generous pieces of walnuts inside. It also had a mild coffee flavor to it.

My husband & my daughter seems to be enjoying the Shabby Chic place.

On our table is their red velvet cupcake (the one that has the red "v" on top), coffee salted walnut caramel and banana nutella.
The red velvet was good, it was dense and had a subtle cream cheese flavor to it. The banana nutella was better, it was a very moist banana cake with a generous amount of nutella frosting to it.
among the three the banana nutella was the best. 
I'll definitely check out the other cupcakes they offer soon :)