Friday, April 26, 2013

Nestle's French Salted Caramel Ice cream

Since it's Summertime, you usually hear or see the word " ANG INIT!!" which means it's scorching hot.
At night even if the air conditioner's turned on, it still is warm... you kinda feel like your dehydrated from the whole afternoon...  My hubby wanted something to help him cool.. 
I though he was just gonna get an ice cold glass of soda when he went outside our room. I was wondering why it took him 15 mins to return.
 Then with a plastic bag in his hand, he handed  me this:

I was excited cause I have read somewhere that it was really good. 
 After having my first spoonful of this ice cream I was disappointed, I think I was looking for the "Merry Moo"  sea salt caramel flavor. My hubby said it taste like Mr.Yema candy. It was too sweet & had an "umay" factor.I think this is the first pint of ice cream  that lasted 2 days in the fridge (LOL). ice cream doesn't last long in our house, not a day if it's just in a pint size.

Maybe if I had not tasted Merry Moo I would have love this.
For People who likes really sweet  ice cream,  this one's for you ;)