Monday, June 17, 2013


While rummaging through the stuff in the balik-bayan box I found this huge cereal.
It had this very bright strong orange color that grabbed my attention. I was really curious about this.
And then I saw the word "Reese's"
My eyes widened. The smile on my face grew larger in excitement.
YES!! Jackpot!
At the first bite all I could say was  Oh My Gosh! It was so good I wanted to cry. Whoever invented this was pure genius!
This crispy, crunchy, and somehow creamy all at the same time was pure indulgence.
You could really taste the peanut butter and hershey's chocolate.

The first thing I did was place it on top of the Toblerone mousse I made. Since I had lots of Toblerone I made it into chocolate mousse which later turned out to taste like Toblerone ice cream
Maybe I lacked egg whites.Hubby said it tasted like gelato hahaha.

the cereal on top of the mousse tasted even better! I immediately envisioned it as my future business, with me getting rich and all lol.
Back to reality, I gave samples of it to my cousins, aunt and uncle. They said it was really good.
hubby who isn't much of a peanut butter guy said it was okay.
He grabbed a handful of cereal and ate it while watching TV.

On the other hand, my daughters love it.
We tried it with milk
This cereal is awesome with or without milk.
This makes you feel like your having dessert for breakfast! yum yum!
This is one of the best cereals out there in my opinion. A great find!