Saturday, May 11, 2013


This was "merienda time" but my daughter was craving for steak,
so here we go :)

It's a kid friendly place :) My kids were given paper and crayons while waiting.

free warm soft crusty bread with garlic olive oil dip.

Ordered  Steak & Grilled chicken with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables.
The serving was huge.

Cajun Rice for hubby.
It kinda had a smoky flavor to it.

Extra Mashed Potatoes for my toddler :)
Kid's love it.

Steak was very tender, juicy & had the right amount of fat to it.
I had it done medium well & they cooked it perfectly :)
The grilled chicken was juicy but was a bit salty.
The serving was huge, good for sharing. 

Verdict: Thumbs up!
will definitely be back for the Steak & mashed potatoes :)
4 stars :)