Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Kamameshi House

Ever since I was a little girl, we usually dine at Kamameshi house for Japanese cuisine.
(Makati branch)

this is the usual appetizer given while waiting for your orders.
before it was dilis (anchovies) and beansprouts, now it's just beansprouts.
My cousin Miko joked about them scrimping on appetizer :)

My daughter loves soup, she got Miso soup
It's loaded with lots of tofu, very flavouful!

We got three boats of California Maki
which taste perfect as usual.

The best place for Tori rice!
this is the reason our family goes out of the way just to dine here.
I ordered 4 of these.

I love their yakitori!

They are one of the few restaurants in Manila  that serve the best Ebi tempura!
It is just so perfect! you really will taste the difference among other Japanese restaurants that serve Ebi tempura
I got three baskets, one was just for my husband alone lol.

Uzura tamago (quail eggs) is good here too

My favorite Motsu
skewered chicken liver (yakitori chicken liver)
they cook it perfectly!