Saturday, July 20, 2013

7 Corners Buffet

My husband brought me here for a nice lunch on my birthday
 Nice range of food offered.

Oven brick pizza's just for you!
The theme was French food for July

The famous Prime Rib
This first prime rib we got was over cooked. I specifically requested it to be done medium but they gave it to me well done. My daughter also requested her's medium it was also well done when given to her.

Pasta station

 Isn't these desserts just divine!

 They had my fave, sliced almonds and walnuts for ice cream toppings.

most of the cakes were really good.

Here's what we got...
My daughter getting her salmon sashimi fix.

My husband and daughter got loads of  lobster!
Plate after plate! They had it grilled in butter.

Hubby got his plate of lechon de leche. 
This lechon tasted really good.  Skin was crispy and very flavorful as well. 

My second prime rib was done as I requested. Medium. it was almost melt in your mouth tender, the marbling was just right and it was very flavorful. I think it really depends on the person grilling it, this was done by a different chef. 

Salmon sashimi, liver paté, french shrimp salad, and potato croquettes.

 Grilled oyster , lobster and sashimi again for my daughter

My daughter said I cook better Pesto. Naks!

Seafood Marinara
Although this was loaded with seafood, I still prefer Italliani's version.

 My dessert plate!
Pure indulgence.
My daughter Pharell enjoyed the desserts a lot!

Grapes and cheese
See how huge those grapes are! Phranczeska joked that it wasn't grapes but  dates.

This strawberry cheesecake was so good! they used the freshest strawberries and  the cheese cake itself was creamy and just slightly tangy which I love!

I had 4 servings of mocha chocolate ice cream with sliced almonds and walnuts, yum! hubby had his with pili nuts.

After that fabulous lunch, we headed of to the mall to bond with the kids and have more gastronomical adventures..
Thanks hubby for my red velvet birthday cake :)