Sunday, July 14, 2013

Chili's (Tomas Morato branch)

After coming from Paul Cabral to have my daughter's measurements taken for her gown,
 we decided to have a quick bite at Chili's

they had a promotion going , we decided not to take it.

There were a few people dining, since it was around 2:30 pm

Molten Chocolate Smoothie.
My daughter immediately devoured it!
Dalandan Juice
not the best version of dalandan juice i've tasted, yet it was okay.
My daughter was also given a paper and crayons while waiting.

Ceasar Salad 

Beef Fajita was great!
it was tender and flavorful, you wouldn't even need the tortillas.

I ordered Mushroom-Swiss
 The mushrooms really complemented the burger well. I had mine done medium, it was a thick large juicy patty, the bun was soft. which was excellent!

Chicken Fajita
My aunt loved this.

Big Mouth Burger Bites
four savory mini beef burgers with bacon.
I really didn't taste the bacon part of it, but these burgers are tasty!
The patties they use really make a big difference among other burger joints.

Service was great, smiles all around, nice setting and family friendly.
They give you good portions for a very reasonable price and the food is good too.